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Silent Tears

Silent Tears

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Title: Silent Tears
Couple: Barney & Robin
Ratings: PG13
Description: Robin can't help it, she tries desperately to forget about him but it's hard cause everything reminds her of Barney. Since he got engaged, she has been a mess more of a mess than usual but she tries to move on. Will Robin forget about Barney after meeting her crush again? B/R 2012!
Author's Notes: This story contains spoilers for season 8 but if you already know about some spoilers for this season you can read this and if you don't know and don't want to know than it's best to stay away from this story. But, please R/R cause I love comments!

Title: Silent Tears
Couple: Barney & Robin
Ratings: PG13
Description: Robin can't help it, she tries desperately to forget about him but it's hard cause everything reminds her of Barney. Since he got engaged, she has been a mess more of a mess than usual but she tries to move on. Will Robin forget about Barney after meeting her crush again? B/R 2012!
Author's Notes: This story contains spoilers for season 8 but if you already know about some spoilers for this season you can read this and if you don't know and don't want to know than it's best to stay away from this story. But, please R/R cause I love comments!

The night that Robin found out about Barney's engagement to Quinn was not an easy night for her. After leaving Marshall and Lily's apartment she headed to a bar, not Maclaren's because she didn't want anyone to see her drinking or the tears that were flowing so rapidly down her face. She drank until she couldn't see straight anymore, it wasn't the alcohol it was the tears that she couldn't stop coming that were causing her eyes to turn red and a little bloodshot. 'No' She said trying to take her glass back from the bar tender. Of course, the bar tender let her have her glass back but was starting to worry about Robin's safety and if she would be able to get home in one peace. Robin sat at the bar for it seems like an eternity, then someone spotted her from across the bar.

"Well, this is a small world." The gentlemen said standing next to a very drunk and almost blind Robin.

Robin turned her head to look at the man standing next to her and all she saw was a blurry face with eyes she couldn't make out the guys features but she recognized his voice. Yes, she hasn't seen him in over a year but it's still very familiar to her. "Hi" Robin tried to seem like she was looking at him but all she saw was blurriness and a few red spots on his face.

"How are you?" He tried to remember her name. "Robin?" The man of course never forgot such a name or a face cause he has been thinking about her a lot over the years since first meeting and meeting her again two years ago.

Robin blinked and said "Oh, I'm okay and you?" She continued not knowing this guys name after all those years of knowing the guy well not really knowing him but still.

"Great, it was really nice seeing you." The man said smiling waiting for Robin to ask him to sit down maybe?. Then, Robin did ask after a while once she pulled herself together and looked half way descent.

"Um, would you like to join me over there at the table?" She asked wanting to see if the nice man wanted to sit with her. She didn't exactly want company tonight but it was nice that someone noticed her and talked to her even if it was brief.

"Sure" The man said helping a still drunk Robin to her feet placing one hand behind her back and the other on her shoulder to keep her steady.

The two went over to the table that was near by and sat with not talking. This was the first time seeing each other in over a year and since then Nick has been thinking about her a lot and hoping that he'd run into her again some place. However, that never happened until this night.

"So, how have you been you look like you were crying over there." Nick pointed to where they were before at the bar.

"Um, yeah I was but I'm fine now." She hoped that her face wasn't telling a different story.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you last time I saw you but you were supposedly engaged. By the way, are you and that guy still engaged or married?" Nick asked wondering if Robin had married that other guy or if he really had his opinion she would be with him right now or if that engagement didn't work out.

"Actually, I was never engaged we were faking for a friend to help him out with his father." Robin thought about Barney and that night at Hopeless. After seeing Nick again she went back to the club and tried looking for him but he had already left by the time she got there. So, she forgot all about this crush she had on him and instead, her feelings for Barney suddenly crept up on her and all she thought about was Barney and nobody else. And, yet she's still thinking about him it's like his name was stuck in her brain and there was nothing she could do to get him off her mind not even talking to her crush.

"Oh, wow so are you single or dating someone else?" Nick hoped that Robin was single cause he really wanted to get her number which he wanted back when he saw her at Hopeless that night.

"Single, very single!" Robin said smiling lightly at her crush. She thought he really was handsome (not as handsome as Barney) 'damn it' she has to somehow get him off her mind and this conversation isn't helping at all.

"Great, I was going to ask you when I saw you at Hopeless but would you mind giving me your number so I can call you sometime?" Nick tried to sound like he wasn't always thinking about her and it came off fine. Robin, decided why not it wouldn't hurt and maybe this guy would get her mind off Barney after all he was her crush for along time well until she and Barney were together then she never thought of him again until that night in the club.

Robin took a napkin and pen that Nick gave her and wrote her number on it then handed it to him.

"Call me" She said before Nick got up to leave.

"Oh, before you leave I wanted to ask... What's your name?"

"Nick" Nick, that sounds lovely to her not as lovely as... Oh don't go there Scherbatsky.

That night, after sobering up Robin went home to her new apartment. It was nice seeing Nick again after all this time and she thought it would be good to get to know him and maybe go on a date with him sometime. But, all she did when she got undressed and put on her night shirt and shorts was Barney. She cried herself to sleep that night but the next morning she woke up and hoped the last 24 hours was some sort of dream.

Barney didn't sleep at all that night, he stayed up thinking about Robin and their conversation. The look she gave him after he announced his engagement was eating him up. Even if that look was sadness it wasn't until their conversation when he had tried to give her another chance to run away with him however she didn't take it. But, her face told a different story one that Barney couldn't erase from his mind all night. As, Quinn still slept in his bed he wondered if he had made the right choice proposing to her and if maybe Robin would've taken him up on his last offer to run away with him. But, she didn't and now he's sitting motionless on the foot of the bed wondering what he's doing with his life. Yes, he loves Quinn and he proposed to her because he felt like it was the right thing to do but it wasn't and he knew that because Quinn wasn't Robin and she never will be in his eyes and mind. And, heart. Quinn started to toss and turn in her sleep and Barney tried not to move to wake her because he knew she wasn't a morning person.

After a few minutes Barney got up quietly and went into the living room. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV turned the sound down to not wake Quinn. He had took a tape that he recorded years ago when he had first started falling in love with Robin and put it in his DVD player beofre pressing play.

He sat on his couch watching the video of one of Robin's broadcasts when she was on Metro News 1 the days he had started really loving her was flashing through his mind while watching her give a smile at the camera after something good happened on the news for once. He heard Quinn entering the room right while he was turning the TV off. 'Good, she didn't catch me.' He thought thanking God that Quinn didn't see him watching Robin at 7 in the morning.

"Hey, morning" Barney said trying not sounding or looking nervous.

"Morning, what were you doing?" Quinn asked wanting to know what Barney was watching on TV as she came in the room.

"Um, nothing just watching the morning news." Barney said quickly hoping it didn't sound suspicous.

"Oh, I thought it was something else." Quinn didn't say anything else instead she went over to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup before heading over to the couch to sit next to Barney who had just turned the TV back on.

They watched the news in silence, it was only a Saturday so Barney didn't have to go to work and Quinn didn't have any plans after quitting her job. Barney and Quinn met everyone except Robin at MacLaren's that afternoon.

"Hey Ted, Victoria how have you been?" Barney asked smiling at seeing Victoria again.

"Hi, Barney nice to see you again." Victoria said nicely smiling at Barney.

Barney and Quinn sat on the other side of the booth. Marshall and Lily had been busy with the baby and said that they could meet them at the bar until later so the two couples sat and chatted and caught up. Victoria told Barney and Quinn about her trip after leaving Ted and how she had been engaged and was about to marry someone else when she got a call from Ted telling her to meet him at MacLaren's. Quinn introduced herself and showed off her new engagement ring. Victoria was shocked that Barney's engagement now and Ted tried to look happy for his best friend but he couldn't when he knew that Robin was very much still on his mind after their conversation a few months ago after she returned from her trip in Russia.

Marshall and Lily did join them once everything was good with Marvin and they had a babysitter to take care of him they came down to the bar.

"Hey eveyone sorry we're late Marvin was crying and didn't want to sleep but now he's down and my mother is watching him." Lily said sitting in a chair with Marshall at the end of the table.

"So, what's going on catch us up." Marshall said wanting to know what everyone was talking about as they came to the bar.

"Oh, we were just talking about Barney and Quinn's engagement." Ted said looking at his friends.

"I still can't believe your engaged Barney." Marshall said knowing that Barney would never get engaged in fact Lily and Marshall's last bet was that Barney would die alone or would get married. Marshall had lost when Barney and Quinn announced their engagement.

"I know, I Barney Stinson engaged it's so weird isn't it?" Barney laughed a little a smiled shaking his head at himself.

"It is, a lot weird but we're really happy for you two." Marshall continued smiling genuinely at the happy newly engaged couple.

"Hey, does anyone know where Robin is?" Ted chimed in turning the conversation towards him.

"No, we haven't seen her since last night." Lily answered also wondering where her best friend is. Of course she knew where she was because she looked really sad the night before when she found out about Barney's engagement.

"I hope she's alright." Marshall said wondering where Robin is and hoping that she's okay.

"I'm sure she's fine." Lily said smiling lightly hoping that Robin was going to come to MacLaren's at some point while they were still here.

"I think i'm going to go outside for some fresh air I'll be back shortly." Ted announced giving a quick kiss on Victoria's cheek before heading outside to call Robin.

A few rings in to calling her Robin picked up.

"Hello" Robin said answering her phone sounding a bit drousy.

"Hi, Robin it's Ted." Ted was thankful that Robin answered cause if she didn't he would have to go to her apartment to find her.

"Hi Ted, what's up?" Robin wanted to know.

"I was wondering about you, how are you? Are you okay with this engagement?" Ted asked knowing that the reason she wasn't at MacLaren's was because of Barney.

"Yes, I'm fine Ted." Robin tried to sound honest and like she really meant that she is fine but Ted knew that she wasn't.

"Are you sure, I know." Ted knew since that day they talked when she got back from Russia that she did still have feelings for Barney but he didn't want to put any pressure on that exposed well almost exposed wound that was her heart.

"Know what Ted?" Robin knew what he was going to say but asked anyway.

"I know that you still love Barney." Ted didn't want to say it but he did and now it's out there and he knew and she knew but she tried to now go there and tried desperately to erase Barney Stinson from her mind but couldn't.

"You know, how did you know?" Robin asked wanting to know how and when Ted knew that she still had feelings for Barney.

"Robin, come on it doen't take a rocket scientist to know how you work and I know you too well when it comes to you shutting down your emotions and feelings." Ted was right, he really did know her well enough to know that she is taking this engagement harder than he or they thought.

"Okay, I'm going to come over there later so we can talk." Ted said without letting Robin say anything else they hung up the phones and Ted went back inside the bar and sat back where he was before going outside to call Robin.

Ted sat with the gang a little longer before he and Victoria left. He told Victoria that he had to go out for a while but will be back soon she went to her apartment where she ran into her fiance Klause. While Ted went over to Robin's to talk to her.

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