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Reconnection Chapter 1: Reconnection, a how i met your mother fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Reconnection Chapter 1: Reconnection, a how i met your mother fanfic - FanFiction.Net

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Rating: For those who want a happy ending but aren't sure how two people who are meant to be are either right or wrong for each other.
Spoilers: Season 7 , Barney & Robin's journey of reconnecting what was once theirs. May contain spoilers for the season finale and also season 8. Before reading you must know what has happened between them and what will happen between them.
Characters: Barney, Robin, Ted, Marshall and Lily with Quinn
Author Notes: Again, this will likely contain spoilers  for season 7's season finale. But, please enjoy the journey that Robin & Barney will have together before going to the next step. I own nothing!
Brief Summary:Takes place right after Christmas "Symphony Of Illumination" where Robin reflects on her life past, present and future.Barney's still hurting after everything that's happened with Robin but is still in love with her.

It has been a crazy year for Robin, first her new job at World Wide News wasn't what she thought it would be. Second, her life had been up and down the previous year but her new job gave her hope that her life would soon be turning around for her. Deep down, she knew she wanted more in life, she had her friends 'yes', she had her career which wasn't really taking off as she thought it was going to when she interviewed for her position at her dream job. But, atleast she was trying her hardest to ease into her new job and at first it wasn't so enjoyable for her. She thought that a job at World Wide News was her dream but really it wasn't. Her dream job wasn't what she thought it could be. Sandy Rivers has been so annoying and constantly was coming onto her and also he got drunk from time to time. Then, a new girl came into her life, this girl was beautiful, smart, charming, and had alot more success than she did. Of course, she was older and more mature than her but she was wonderful at her job. When the girls at work asked her to go out to drink with them after work she said okay and went off with them and yes she did have fun. But, really when all is said and done she wasn't happy at all with her job. She wanted more, but she didn't know where to turn so one night she was sitting in MaClaren's having her normal Scotch drink when a woman came up to her and tapped her on her shoulder. Robin, turned around to see her co-worker Nora standing there with a smile. She said "Hi, Robin, how are you?" and Robin replied "Fine" but really she wasn't fine. Her, career was going no where fast, her friends aren't really helping at all when she goes to them for Work advice and now her co-worker wants to chat with her. She never liked Nora, Robin had become jealous of her success at World Wide News that once Nora starts talking to her she starts to get annoyed by her annoying British Accent. But, she brushed that off and let Nora sit down across from her at the booth.

Their conversation lasted until the early morning so that's when Nora invited Robin to go along with her and some other people from work on a trip to Vermont. Because it was the dead of winter and because Robin is her true Canadian and wanted to enjoy the snow she said yes. So, off they went to the Vermont trip, they were there for a week cause they were on holiday vaction. Robin came back home feelings refreshed and happy and all of that stress washed away when she was on those slopes going down so fast that her life flashed before her eyes. After her trip, Robin became less stressed out over work and more happy with her work even though she knew that her career was still going no where soon.

It was the Summer of 2011 and during this summer she had been thinking about her ex boyfriend. You see, she started to have feelings for Barney around this Summer but tried desperately to hide it cause she didn't exactly know how to deal with these feelings. So, she hid them until she heard something about why she still had feelings for him come from Lily. She told her simply, she has feelings for Barney because the chemistry they share is one that can't be told, or know it's just there. Lily, was right it was there. The chemistry and friendship that Barney & Robin share nobody can touch it's something that is so special and so there that you simply can not stop it at any cost. Well, that cost came in November of 2011 when those feelings came to the service. After, that night Robin started to reflect on her life and how messed up she is. This reflection came to her the moment she slept with Barney. It's a reflection that she again just can't seem to flight.

Flighting these strong feelings for Barney was so hard because he was dating Nora a very close friend of hers. He seemed to be in love with her but really the whole time his own feelings for her were also very much there it was just that he had been hiding his feelings too.

December 2012:

It was another holiday season of loneliness for Robin. Ever since she came to New York to follow her dream of becoming that World Wide News ancor her life felt that it wasn't going anywhere. Her break ups with men were always shacky and really messy but the one thing that she always knew was that she could count on Barney's friendship. His advice and friendship has always been good and it always made her feel better in the end and whatever it was that she was sad about he was there to tell her that everything will be okay. But, now her friendship with Barney had been ruined cause of that bad night of feelings and feeling messed up. It was close to Christmas time and all the lights and decorations were up in the city but yet Robin was still very lonely and depressed. But, one day before Christmas she felt sick. Sick to her stomach, nausious and tired. She couldn't eat anything at all so she cold up her doctor to make an appointment for the following day. So, she went to the doctor and got checked out the doctor came back in to give her the results of her tests and it was good but bad news. The good news was that she was pregnant then bad news was that the baby is Barney's. Not, that having Barney's baby was bad news it was that she cheated with Barney who was dating Nora. She, never wanted to her Nora because she was her friend and a very nice person but when she heard that she was pregnant everything changed. Her life, became more a mess because at first it was so hard to tell Barney that she was pregnant but when she did tell Barney that she was pregnant Barney at first didn't take it well because he didn't want to hurt Nora by leaving her cause yes he did like her very much but having a baby with the woman who is his One And Only True Love was like a dream and a good dream at that.

So, Barney even though it was really hard for him to do this broke up with Nora. He didn't give her the real reason why he is breaking up with her but their break up was good and ended on a good note.

A, reconnection with the love of your life was like floating on a cloud for Barney. He had never been so happy in his life. He, himself also had some heck of a year but when the year ended everything changed for him and his life....

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